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Feb. 22nd, 2009

New Roommate =)

Woke up eh this morning because the sun wasn't shining, but I flipped on NCIS and went to brunch with Trish around 11. Met up with Jennifer - the new roommate - and the three of us ate breakfast together and it was really great because we all got along and there were no awkward pauses or anything. She really is a nice sweet girl and I'm really excited because I don't think shhe's going to turn into another Emily. So she went to go pack and Trish and I went back to the room and watched more TV and stuff and procrastinated until Jennifer called us and we helped her move in. Her old room was TINY it was ridiculous. A quarter of the room we share now crammed with two people. So then we helped her unpack and we all sat and chilled on my bed and went through my box of arts and crafts lol and we were waiting for Angelo to get out of the shower because he needed to go to Superfresh and then I decided to swing by McDonald's. So we all go McDonald's and Trish laughed at me because I apparently looked like a kid in a candy shop - well I was rather happy lol. McDonald's is the food of my childhood lol. After we left there I took them all back to campus and we did our homework and bullshitted some more and Raina came back and we found out that she kissed her ex again, it seems that she's unable to resist temptation (her words not mine). She's extremely lucky Brian loves her to death. Then Jennifer's father and two sisters (she's one of six but her brother died recently) and they were so hilarious! Her father gave me a huge hug and asked me how old I was because I was kinda cute - not in the creepy old man way, he was cute. And then they found out that I was from Jersey and he told me I was blacker than anyone there lol. They were too cute he told me I'm always welcome to come to their house and that if anything ever happened here with one of the guys I was to call him and he'd come down. They were all hilarious such a change from Emily's parents with the sticks up their butt. Now I'm just relaxing waiting to go to bed until the peeps chill out.

Feb. 21st, 2009

Happy as a Clam

February 18, 2009

Had to take my first Bio exam today and I'm not too confident about that. Wellness was fine and then there was my first day with my kids! They were great I missed them so much <3 It was just me by myself today with the 3rd graders and they got a little out of hand but all in all it was a good first day back. Hm nothing else really happened.
February 19, 2009

Hmm had the meeting with Angie about switching into Trish and Raina's room, Trish came with me and I had my mom CCing the call in case she tried to run us in circles. don't know what's going to happen yet. Got to Accounting on time thought I thought I was going to be late nad caught myself up on annuities and tvm. Then I had Relational and we did some more trust exercises. The first one we did was to have one person stand in the circle with their eyes shut and they would tilt back and forth and the people in teh circle kept their hands up to catch the person and gently guide them back. Yeah I didnt go in the middle but its ok because I wasn't the only one. The other exercise we did was get in a group of 6 or so people and we designated one person to be a sculptor and the rest of us were clay that she had to mold. First she had me with my head lying on the shoulder of the really tall lacrosse player but then she turned me and raised my arm like a ballerina and had my other hand grabbing the forearm of the other guy in our group. We presented the "sculpture" in the middle of the classroom and everyone else had to walk around us and say one word to describe what they were seeing. I tried to keep my eyes on a constant but I was nervous so I kept fidgeting and looking around, up and down and at the people walking *sigh*...I think I figured out what my problem is with the whole trust exercises. In almost all of them you have to keep your eyes closed and that's what gets me. I don't like not being able to see what's going on around me. So after Relational I chilled in the room. Got the ok from Angie that I got the room which is very exciting. Fiction Writing was great as usual and we did critiques...mine and a few other people are going next week. Chilled in the room afterwards.

February 20, 2009

Crazy morning. Alison picked me up at 8 and we went straight to Rite Aid. She lost her birth control and was flipping out because its a new experimental kind and she has to take it everyday. Doesnt help that it was practically a brand new prescription s he lost. So we went to Rite Aid and she was lucky enough that htey let her refill it and I bought her a pregnancy test because she didnt have the money for both and because she'd been having preg signs like the morning sickness and mood swings and everything she wanted to be sure. It came out negative so we think that its just the effects of the drugs. We went to Bio and I swear to bob its like a middle school science class..we actually felt ourselves getting dumber. No idea how this lady became a college professor. Afterwards we hung out and then I went to Wellness and made goo goo eyes at Gerard. So attracted to that kid. Afterwards I picked the key up from Community Living and began moving into the my new room =) Raina helped me and we all met Jennifer and we hit it off immediately she's a really sweet freshman who has also had bad roommate experience. Then we just hung out and had a great time and I was just ecstatic that I never have to deal with the 3 chihuahuas again =) Or any of them now that I think about it =D We crashed at 11:30 but we were exhausted by ten to 9 lol

February 21, 2009

I woke up the happiest I've been at Goucher this year. The sun woke me up and not Emily blowing her nose. It was a gorgeous day and I jsut woke up smiling. I took a shower and got dressed and drank in the happiness lol as corny as that sounds I was just so freaking happy. Talked to mom on AIM lol which was lame but I'll make up for it with an hour or so convo tomorrow morning. Went out and drove to AC Moore to return the yarn I didnt use (I finished my shawl! woohoo!), I ordered TGIFriday's to go (cheesburger, breadsticks, and mozzarella sticks yummy!) and picked that up and went back to the dorm and ate while I watched Stardust in my comfy green chair. Crocheted some more, hung out with Trish, watched the House Bunny again and all in all had a great relaxing day. I love it!!

Feb. 17th, 2009

Catching Up Yet Again

aw craaaaap I have a weeks worth of journaling to catch up on...

February 11, 2009

Funeral today. It was a private immediate family affair at 10 in the morning. It was difficult, Lia yelled something at one point. It sounded like "you were the first". After we said our final goodbbye we went back to the house and hung aorund until the respite at Cioffi's. We ate some questionable fish..it was good but not at the same time. It was weird..maybe I should have gotten it broiled instead hmm. During the lunch, I got a text from Raina about how her suitmates moved out and asking if I would consider moving in. Nothing could have made me happier. It would be friggin fantastic if I could move into their room! Sent an email to CL and awaited a response. After the lunch we all went back to our respective houses and I crashed in my room for the rest of teh night. I dont know how mom found the energy to go out to dinner with her cousins. I crashed aorund 11.

February 12, 2009

I did...nothing today. I think I went to CVS to pick up some things, had lunch with mom and Eddy and then went back home. And did absolutely nothing =)

February 13, 2009

Woohoo my day outttt! First was my date with my lovely sister. Picked her up around noon-ish and went to see He's Just Not That Into You which was friggin fantastic. It was hysterical I loved it. After that we went to BN and just caught up on life. So much has been going on with both of us that we really needed just a few hours to sit and chat. We sat in the cafe and talked, I bought a cookie and a water so we wouldnt get yelled at for sitting there. I wont go into details of what we discussed since it was alot lol. So then I dropped her off arounf 5:40 ish because Eddy was supposed to pick me up around 6. He was late but that was his cousin's fault not his. Hopped in their car, Alf was driving, and went to pick up Marissa. A little hard to find her place in the dark, there's some sucky ass twists and turns. From there it was a straight shot to Sonic <33333. I was soooo fricking excited! I LOVE SONIC. And apparently so does Alf so I didnt feell like such a complete dork jumping up and down in the backseat and driving Goose nuts. And of course it was friggin fantastic as always. So worth the drive. From there we decided to get lost so we took a buncha random turns and stuff through Waretown until we happened on the Parkway again and from there we decided to head to Wildwood <-- Eddy's idea. I was squished behind Alf so I maeuvered myself to lie my head on Goose's lap and stare out the window so the pins and needles could stop in my legs. It became a constant joke in the car about the two of us in the backseat lol, Alf kept trying to videotape us and trying to turn around to watch (though we werent doing anything we had fun messing with their heads) while trying to drive at the same time. We got ot Wildwood and of course it was a ghosttown cuz its fucking freezing. Stopped at a Wawa and started driving back up north. It was a really great night, we all get along even though Marissa just met Alf and Eddy and I just met Alf. It was hilarious and no awkward pauses or anything. Great night. I got home around 3:30 and crashed by 4.

February 14, 2009

Woke up at 11 ish...and did nothing but read a book alll dayyy longgg. Fantastic Vday <3

February 15, 2009

Depressing as hell. Had to go back to college today. God damn it. I left early because I knew I had stuff to do, by the tiem I got into the general vicinity I was miserable so I stopped at Panera to cheer me up. Then went to the dorm. Where lovely little prima ballerina had 3 Navy guys in the room with their stuff all over my bed, desk, dresser, and floor space. Joy!! I beat it real quick and crashed in Trish and Raina's room for the night. I really REALLY hope I can move into their room that would make the rest of this bitch ass semester so much better. We watched the Secret Life of Bees which was fantastic and very powerful. Went to bed around midnight after watching Idiocracy lol. My brain cellss dieddd.

February 16, 2009

What did I do today? Back to classes. I actually got alot done, very productive day. Hung out with Alison, Trish and Raina until my damn room cleared. Emily is ridiculous I want to smack her sometimes. Dragged Alison around running errands with me which kept her from her nap lol. And watched an NCIS marathon =) I did get alot of homework done and talked to Eddy for a while and then I talked with Alf until around midnight. I've now become shrink to another person lol. Bedtime, midnight = yawn.

February 17, 2009

I. Need. To. Move. Out. Of. This. Room.
Woke up at 7 and went to Pstone to catch up on Accounting. Apparently the bronchitis, pneumonia, and mono are going around campus...yay. Remind to eat only packaged food in Pstone since it seems the cooks are sick as well...and insist on coming to work and coughing over the uncovered food. Very professional that is. Finished up the stuff for the lab SI job. Then I had Relational and Gerard starting singing "you can have whatever you like.." cuz it was stuck in his head and yea I melted. He's so friggin attractive sheesh. Today's topic we were talking about rape in relation to Lucky by Alice Sebold. It was very emotional and more than one person raised their hand when asked if they knew someone who'd been raped - including me and Gerard. Half the class raised their hands. After class I had lab to SI and the new lady is so unorganized and all over the palce and made me and my partner look like idiots as we're debating in class about what paperwork was passed out and if we did this and that. Sheesh I can't wait til the actual professor gets off paternity leave - 4 weeks left. My appointment with the CL lady got rescheduled to Thursday morning. I chickened out about giving blood. I saw the beds and the IVs and machines and kinda psyched myself out and freaked. Alison didnt help by enabling me lol. We grabbed dinner at Stimson and the I went back to the room to get some work down. Which meant I watched NCIS and crocheted my shawl and then bullshitted online for awhile. I should probably study for my Bio exam but cmon its about photosynthesis and biomes...I could take that exam in my sleep. Right now I'm keeping my bitchiness inside and not shouting at Emily and the mouse...oh oops I mean Natalia. If she scurries past me one more time I really am going to give her something to be scared of. They're out in the common room now with teh other bimbos eating pizza and breadsticks...and all I'm going to hear about when they're done is how gross they feel and how fat they're getting. FML. I really need to go to the firing range with Eli and blast out a few clips of frustration. FML

Writer's Block: Dream Trip

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Feb. 10th, 2009


Very long day today.

Got up godawful early and laid in bed til 9:30 when I finally went downstairs. Had breakfast, showered and dressed. Watched some TV and then we went over to the funeral home for teh first 2 to 4 viewing. We were allowed to go at 1:30. The minute mom started to cry I started to cry. It was like a chain reaction between mom, Thea Popi, Lia, Marianna, and me. Slowly people started filtering in. There were about 20 of us at the first viewing which we expected because people had work. We knew there were going to be alot more people at the 7 to 9 viewing. Aunt Tina came with Sarah, Jess and Nick, The minute I saw Aunt Tina I started to cry again and then she started to cry and then Jess started to cry. I just kept flashing back to Uncle Glen's funeral. Dad came too and we talked for a bit and I mainly stayed with them for the 2 hours. Chased Harrison aroud alot because he wouldn't sit still (duh he's 21 months old). Then everyone went back to the house where we ate fish and salad and potato salad and rolls and rice&beans. Its Greek custom not to eat anything with blood in it meaning no meat. I helped mom as best as I could and then played with Harrison and talked with Aunt Tina and Sarah. Frank came by and completely walked past me, didnt even recognize me. It wasn't until I stood in front of him and was like "yo what am I chopped liver?" that he realized who I was. And then came the comments about how beautiful I was and how I should be a model yada yada. And he called me a geek because I want to be a zoologist and I'm going to school for Animal Science. Apparently he has contacts with Elite modeling company and wants me to give him some glamour shots for him to send in. Yeah right, first of all I'm not model material and second of all I'd like to use my brain not my body to get ahead in the world. I enjoy thinking thank you very much. But you gotta love his one comment - "Man if I were 20 years younger..." I just rolled my eyes and let him go along with it. We left the house then at 6:30 ish to head over to the funeral parlor again for the 7 to 9 viewing. Alot more people showed up to this one. Eddy came so he kept me company with Aunt Tina and Sarah...half teh people who were being introduced to me I had no idea who they were. Uncle Kevin and Uncle Paul came...but dammit I didnt have a helmet to take a ride on the bike with Uncle Kevin. I got a raincheck instead. Then there was the lovely fact that everytime I would introduce Eddy as my friend people would ask if he was my boyfriend. In my head I'm going, if he was my boyfriend then that's how I would introduce him. Demi was the most vocal about that lol she flat out asked me in front of Eddy. Saw Billy and Johnny and Uncle Pete and several other relatives. Then there was cousin Vicky - someone we were expecting to cause trouble, but she didnt thank god because her mother and Aunt Irene didnt show up. But she grabs my hand as I'm walking outside and then all of a sudden I get the "oh my god you're gorgeous you should be a model yada yada" bullshit again. Cmon people are you blind? Trying to get away from her was a task. But Arlene sang and I almost cried there, there was a prayer service and then mom went up to the casket and started crying which made me cry which made Aunt Tina cry. Eddy kept looking at me like he was expecting me to fall apart. But there was no drama and no fights (mainly because we were missing the two key players) but I was thankful because I didnt want mom to have any more stress on her plate. Though it would have been to throw down and kick some ass. Alex and Demi and Eddy and Sarah kept me occupied the entire time so it was nice. Now my feet are killing me, it's 10:30 and I've barely slept the past couple nights, my face is breaking out and my back hurts. And the funeral is tomorrow. Let's see what happens tomorrow.

Feb. 9th, 2009

The Start

Monday February 9, 2009

Got up at 9or 10 I dont remember and watched TV and relayed Saturday night to mom who immediately asked how big Eddy was lol I love her she's such a riot. (btw he's BIG) <-- I don't think I mentioned that in the last post. But today I showered and dressed while GEorge slept because he was sick and mom and Marty ran errands. I vaccuumed and di what Mom asked me and of course my hair was not working today which blows. Then we went out to buy black clothes for the wake/funeral. The we went to the funeral home and finished up the paperwork. I didnt like the funeral director there was just something about him that rubbed me the wrong way. After that we came back home and Thea Popi, Eddie, Lia and Harrison were there because Marty had picked them up from the airport. So we sat and talked and ate lunch and all that. I occupied the baby for most of it and then we went to Thea Athena's - on the way there we saw the snow moon framing teh empire state building it was amazing. IT was enormous and a beautiful golden color - it would have been a great picture but my phone sucks. So we stayed at Thea Athena's for a couple hours. Aunt Liz found out Eddy is coming to the wake and immediately she goes "You have ab Eddy? OOO do tell!" I was in the middle of talking to Thea Athena so I just put up my hand and was like "He's my friend end of story." Aunt Liz really annoys me sometimes. I'm waiting for everyone now to get the wronf idea and start giving us the third degree at the wake tomorrow. Joy can't wait. We left there arounf 8:30 and came back home and I am so ready to crash. Oh by the way...Mom said she needed me <3 I'm her safe comfort zone rock thing. I forget what she said. But yay for being needed by the strongest person I know <3

Feb. 4th, 2009

To Do list

Ok I'm actually writing this on the right day so no need to type the date yay =)

Let's see had a 9:30 Bio lab with Alison that she was late too because she was at Matt's and overslept..or didn't hear her alarm clock go off. We did an experiement with termites...it was oh so much fun. She drove me over the SRC for my next class because there was no way I was going to make it across campus in under 5 minutes without being late. That class was fine...we learned about writing resumes and what to do and not to do in interviews so I learned alot. After that I went back to my room grabbed some stuff and went to the Walmart to get more yarn to finish the shawl I'm crocheting and after that I went to Barnes and Noble to return the book fot my fiction writing class (something I've never ever done in my entire life...I've never returned a book to BN and it most likely will never happen again). Then I called mom and sat in the parking garage talking to her for a good while, still talking to her as I drove to McDonald's to grab lunch. Then sat in the parking lot of there until my phone died completely and cut us off. So when I got back to the dorm I called her back adn we finished up our conversation and then I basically did laundry adn crocheted for a good 3 hours. Watching sitcoms while I did. I love TV, and I probably watch way too much of it but oh well. Raina texted me around 5 to see if I wanted to go to dinner so I went with her around 7 after her rehearsal. We always have great chats when we're together so we sat in Pstone for about and hour and a half. And then I went to Alison's room to keep her company while she did homework. Then I left and came back to my room and finished watching Return to the Blue Lagoon. I love that movie as well as The Blue Lagoon. They're just sooo damn good! Acting in the second one isn't all that great but the story dynamic makes up for it. Mila Jovovich has certianly gotten better with age (acting wise). She also looks damn good in the movie...i wish I looked like that *grumble grumble*. All the while I texted back and forth with Eddy and we were hypothesizing who would do what if CVS got robbed at gunpoint. He said he's call the guy on his shit and not give up his register. I would have said the same thing if Andrew was still manager but fuck Scott. I'd not only give the guy my register but I'd throw in a few packs of cigarettes while I was at it. And then Eddy said that if a guy ever pointed a gun at me he'd kill him. I was like aw I have my own little bodyguard. Which is absolutely true. I know for a fact if my life was ever threatened Eddy would be first in line to murder whoever it was. Makes me feel good lol. But then we surmised that basically everyone else who works at CVS would give up their registers no problem/shit/pee their pants. Rob has apparently been held at needlepoint...the guy held a needle full of red liqiud to Rob's neck and said it was filled with blood contaminated with aids and if he didnt give up the money he was going to inject it into his neck. I definitely did not know about this. Though it might have been before Aunt Tina or I had started working there. He hasn't texted back for a while now so I'm assuming I'm safe to go to bed...if I could. Natalia is back in the room. This girl is here more often then I am I swear to bob. And she's like a little mouse (and of course theyre speaking French again and its so annoying) she scurries everywhere and her laugh is this little nervous hiccuping thing. It's strange. Whatever I'm going home this weekend and I get to see not only my mom, but my grandparents, Eddy and JG as well. I'm so excited!!

Feb. 3rd, 2009

Busy Bee

February 3, 2009

Ok so now that's I've caught up on the last few days let's talk about today. I was really excited to have so much to do. I woke up at 8 and got ready for class and went to Accounting 2 at 10. That class is ridiculous. I have no idea what he's talking about half the time. He just drones on and on and goes around in circles and I completely zone out. But I've perfected that 'hanging on your every word look' so he never knows that I'm off in lala dreamland. After Accoutning I went to the post office and picked up the 4 packages that were waiting for me there lol. All of them were the books I've been waiting for. Still waiting on two but I won't need them for a while so there's no rush. So I borught them back to the room and ran into Trish on the way there. We made dinner plans that she did keep this time. I called mom but got her voicemail. Then I headed over to Relational. I already told the professor I had to leave at 1 (class doesnt end til 1:15) because I had the opportunity to be a lab SI for the intro to psych class. I hate leaving class early but I had to to appease Patrick (lab professor). So I left as inconsciously as I could. He was late of course so I couldve stayed in class. Being an SI really isnt all that hard or fun lol we basically learn everything we learned last semester (it's like taking the class all over again). All we do is pass out papers...perk though - we get paid for three full hours of doing nothing even if we dont stay the full 3 hours lol. Wicked awesome. I was slightly nervous..ok alot nervous even though I dont say anything in front of them but passing out papers sent my heart in a gallop. I held it in check though. There's like 10 guys in the class, cute ones too, and that never happens. All that concentrated testoterone is so enticing lol yeah that's the right word for it. It's like where have you guys been hiding jeez. I think the majority of them are jocks. No matter. So after class which lasted 2 hours the other SI and I went over to payroll to get everything straightened out like Pat told us but turns out we needed to do stuff with him and we were squared away with payroll. He just had his first baby girl on saturday so he's a mite sleep deprived. So I sent him an email about that. Grabbed a cookie from Pstone and went back to the room. Did some homework and relaxed then went over to Trish's room around 5:30 so we could all go to dinner. he four of us went and sat at the back corner table near the door because there were no other seats. I felt really awkward sitting there but Angelo said it was like VIP status. Let me tell you thats the first night I've ever felt part of the cool table. People swarmed around us and I havent laughed that hard in a while. It was great. One of the girls who works in Stim named Dee came over and chilled with us. She's an absolute riot...completely inappropriate and loud and obnoxious who doesnt care about anything anyone says to her and will seriously call you out on your shit. She also has quite a mouth on her which made her sound badass and ignorant at the same time. I never quite understood what people meant when they said that cursing makes you sound ignorant and now I do. After dinner I came back to the room so I could get some work done which I did. And of course now I'm exhausted but Em is in here with her people doing homework. I'm kind of sick of Natalia scurrying around everywhere..mainly tailing Em like she's afraid of her own shadow. I dont get people. And Ash is in here as well abd then so is Megan. Now the last one gets on my nerves, she's so two faced. And as I write this she is literally sitting across the room from me. One day she's smiling to my face and teh next she walks into MY room and shoots me this nasty look. I don't even grace her with a glance anymore. She means less than nothing to me and if she wants to be all bitchy then she can whatever. Maybe I'll go do more homework until these people shutup and leave. Plus theyre doing French homework and I've concluded that French has got to be one of the uglier languages. It sounds like youre about to hock a lougie so I just popped in my headphones and tuned these suckers out. Is it summer yet?


February 1, 2009

Was sitll at Jeff and Joyce's on Sunday. Woke up at 9 for some god forsaken reason. No one called me or texted or anything I just woke up and coudlnt go back to sleep. So I decided to be productive today and get showered and dressed at least. Jeff and Joyce were at church (they'd invited me the night before because they were afraid to leave me alone) So I got ready and then headed over to the Giant because I'd ran out of my emergency stash and was in dire straits. So I picked up some stuff, talked to mom for a good long while while I sat idling in the parking lot. Then I went in search of a Dunkin Donuts but just as I found one, Jeff called me to tell me he was making pancakes so I headed on back.He made these giant blueberry pancakes which were very super duper good. Then I spent the day crocheting and watching TV and doing some homework (not much at all really) until like 6 o'clock rolled around. The I ventured downstairs and we prepped for teh superbowl. I was rooting for the Cardinals and Eddy was rooting for the Steelers so we went back in forth for a bit insulting the other team. Then the superbowl started...acckkkk! Cardinals were horrible up until the 4th quarter and the personal fouls were ridiculous. And of course the Steelers werent called on crap. We lost suffice to say while I chowed down on chicken wings, celery, spinach dip and pita bread, and then *angels chorus from above* coconut cake yummmmmm. Four tiered masterpiece. Only problem is the icing was way too sickeningly sweet, especially after all the food I'd already eaten. I crashed at like 11 because I was leaving in the morning to go back to school. Ugh 6:30 am wake up call =P

Jan. 31st, 2009

Catching Up

January 29, 2009

Turned 20 today! Normal morning, I had Accounting and Relational Psychology. I had to drop my laptop off at teh Help Desk because of the virus...but I didnt have the power cord so I ran back to my room and ran smack into the middle of my roommates putting up birthday decorations. It was really sweet of them and completely unnecesary. Honestly Kit and Ash arent even friends with me, Emily and I have gotten better but I didnt expect them to put up banners and signs saying happy birthday and I really didnt expect to get a gift from Kit and Ash from when they went to Ghana. It's a gold (not real I'm assuming) bracelet..it's like one of those arm cuffs with a designed etched onto it. It's very pretty and I was very grateful. More people remembered my birthday then I thought would and it made me happy. I also had my first fiction class which was completely awesome, I know I'm going to have fun in that class. I even met a new friend named Daniel who was actually one of the slackers who sat in front of me in Psych lecture last year. He's a nice kid. After that I had dinner with Alison and Raina and a bunch of Alison's friends, all of whom were very nice, and then we went back to my room and Raina brought her homework while I talked to Aunt Tina and finally got ahold of mom. We'd been playing telephone tag all day. Then Eli came over and Emily was surprisingly nasty to him and tried to kick him out but I put my foot down because its my room as well and Eli's my friend. Then Eli left (of his own accord) and Alison came by and hung out with us. For once I wasn't annoyed that there were people in and out of the room, it was kinda nice that they'd all come to see me and chill with me. Went to bed around 11:30.

January 30, 2009

Hm let's see what happened today. I woke up at 7 and got Alison up at 8:30 because we had Bio at 9:30. We hit DD for breakfast and was still early to class. That class is going to be oh so much fun. Alison provides comic relief to a female professor who is obsessed with worms (especially marine worms) and drones on and on about them. And we just sat there and tried not to fall asleep. Then we went to the library for a little while before I ran off to Wellness (talked to mom in between, nice long conversation). Wellness is going to be really interesting. I learned about HMOs inadvertently and actually retained the information so that was informative. After class I hung with Jacqui and Alison and then ran to get my laptop (now virus free!), packed up a bag and headed for Jeff and Joyce's. Got there no problem, hung around and ate two cheeseburgers before going to bed at like 2:30.

January 31, 2009

Ok today. I woke up at 12:30 feeling crampy because my period finally arrived. Went downstairs and started to make up a bagel while talking to Jeff. I was just buttering my bagel when my vision went black - like that grainy blackness you get when you stand up too fast - and I waited for it to clear. It wouldnt clear and then I got really lightheaded and the next thing I know I'm falling, the plate shattered and I was sitting on the floor. My vision finally cleared, it only lasted maybe 5 or 6 seconds, probably less, and I heard Jeff yelling and suddenly both him and Joyce were kneeling in front of me and I was clammy and covered in a cold sweat and shaking so badly that Joyce had me put my head between my legs before I fainted again. It was the most bizarre, EMBARASSING thing that's ever happened to me in my entire life. I have never EVER fainted/passed out/blacked out..nothing. I kept apologizing but they werent mad at all they were just really worried about me but I kept apologizing because I broke their plate and spilled orange juice across the counter. They helped me get up and led me to the couch. Joyce like legit tried to carry me there but I was fine I could walk fine. And we sat on teh couch and they plied me with orange juice and Jeff made me up another bagel which they nearly force fed me. Apparently I was as white as a sheet and my heartrate dropped really low because they couldnt find my pulse. We sat there for half hour maybe and gradually my shakes went away but it took awhile. Then Joyce made me go upstairs (she shadowed my every step) and I sat on the bed and called mom and joyce reassured her that I was fine. I stayed in bed for until around 7:30 doing hw and watching TV while Joyce periodically (aka very frequently) checked up on me and made me get up and walk just to make sure I could but I was perfectly fine. Of course I'm never going to live this down as they teased me the entire day lol but I have to say I am so extremely glad and lucky that this happened while I was here with them and not at school god forbid in Pstone or with some of my friends or jeez even if I was by myself. The first day of my period is usually pretty bad but this is the worst yet. Fainting? Me? This is so not kosher.

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